Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY: beaded friendship bracelet

by Venus

In the previous OOTD post, I wore a purple beaded friendship bracelet which I made with grace on the day. And we had matching nails!

Very easy to make, here are some photos to show how to make this friendship bracelet which is great for layering with other accessories on your wrist.

1. Thread a piece of string (any style any color you wish, as long as it fits into the hole) through the button like you would when you sew on a button. Make sure its long enough to wrap around your wrist and a little extra for knotting.

2. Repeat the step using another piece of string through the other two holes of the button, creating a criss-cross pattern on the button as if sewing it on a coat or something. This give you 4 strands sticking out, each with a length that is long enough to tie possibly 1.5 times around your wrist (could make it twice the length just in case)

3. Tie a knot right next to the button to secure each strand in place

4. Start beading! Choose any kind of beads you wish. I chose two random strands to thread through each bead.

5. Tie a knot at the end (where it is just a LITTLE shorter than being able to wrap around your wrist)

6. Cut of two strands from the end, AFTER the knot (to make the final knot smaller)

7. Loop the ends around and tie another knot, and there we have it!

Since the beads are not actually the statement of this bracelet, I suggest a more special or eye catching color for the strands so that it stands out a lot. The total cost of this bracelet was around 16 hkd only, and did not take much time to make at all! A great way to make you and your friends a unique friendship bracelet that can also go well with your other jewelry.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone, eat lots, and be sure to get some nice beauty sleep during this holiday!


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