Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

by Venus

When Revlon's Lip Butter first launch in the US quite a while ago, everyone was raving about it. I was also very excited about this lip product but unfortunately I didn't actually know whether they will ever launch it in HK. Considering its cheap price, I asked Grace to buy me a couple while she was over at New York so that I could also try them when she comes back. But sadly they were SO POPULAR that most of the shades have already been sold out everywhere.

Early this month I stopped by a Watsons to see if there are any new spring collection for drugstore makeup brands, and to my surprise they have finally launched the Revlon Lip Butters in HK! Now, I know that the price of Lip Butter is around $7-8 in the US, which I think is an excellent price, or rather reasonable for a drugstore lip product. But when I saw it in Watsons, they priced  it at 98 hkd, which is like 12.6 usd which i think is absolutely outrageous. But because of all the good reviews on it, I decided to buy one shade first.

I visited the same Watsons I think probably a week after? And a promotion was on for 25% off, which made it much more reasonable than the original price, and I turned out buying two more shades. (And guess what, around a week after that, the price was dropped down to $65, for another promotion I think. Maybe I should have waited a little)

Normally for my daily makeup routine, I actually tend to skip on the lip product most of the times, firstly because my lips are originally quite pigmented, and secondly I'm not a great fan of always reapplying lipstick. As much as I like a glossy finish to lips, I barely ever use lip gloss (I do own a few, which I have only ever used a few times) because I don't enjoy the sticky feeling to my lips.

I generally prefer a nude shade for lip color since I normally give an emphasis on the eyes, hence the three shades I purchased for the Revlon Lip Butters are the lighter shades of the collection. Only 10 shades are launched in HK, which included a variety of different color tones, and the three shades I bought are Creme Brulee, Brown Sugar, and Peach Parfait.

Here are the swatches on my lips, each color with one single layer, and then multiple layers (3-4) to build up the color. Now, first because my lips are quite pigmented, the colors don't seem to show very well, but it can actually get quite dark if you build it up (since the camera takes off quite a bit of color, after I built it up, it actually looks darker than it seems here)

Bare lips

Creme Brulee

My mostly used lipstick of all times is a nude shade from Chanel Rouge Allure (shade 69 Mythic). This is the first color I purchased and to no surprise it's my favourite color as well. Compared to my Chanel Mythic, this one has a more glossier finish as well as more of a pink tone which is perfect for my everyday makeup, with just a very light pinkish nude color on my lips.

Brown Sugar

This one has quite a dark brown tone to it (doesn't exactly show in these photos quite well), therefore I prefer a lighter layer for this shade to give a more casually darker lip color.

Peach Parfait

I was actually the most excited about this color, but it turns out to be redder/pinker than I expected (which I'm not really a fan of, unless I'm particularly looking for a solid pink lipstick, which I have). However with just one light layer of this shade, it gives that "your lips but better" color. So I guess maybe for those lazier school days where I simply wear loose jeans and sport shoes, it gives a more natural tone with a glossy finish.


So as an overall of these three shades I tried (I wouldn't necessarily say the whole collection, but possibly similar), they are very moisturizing, particularly good for winter. I definitely wear Creme Brulee more than my Chanel nowadays, because it's winter and the Lip Butter tends to make my lips flake less. However because it's a very buttery texture, it is not long lasting at all, however when I reapply it throughout the day, it feels very much like reapplying a very moisturizing lip balm.

BUT, if you're looking for an actual lipstick which gives you great color on your lips, I would not be suggesting this at any point. In my opinion this is simply a better choice of lip product when it's easy to get flaky lips during the winter, it's very similar to putting tinted lip balm on (since some lipsticks in the market does start to give you flaky lips after reapplying over and over again, especially during the winter).

The price I still think is a little high for a drugstore lipstick. However I think that the Revlon Lip Butters are worthy to try, considering that there are promotions on quite often, so I'd say get one or two while the promotions are on, they are definitely worth it (the promotional price of course! :P)


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