Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update: Reasons of MIA and coming updates

by Venus

I sincerely apologize for being missing in action without any updates for a few weeks (almost a month really).

Since this is the final semester of my degree, it is definitely my priority (well it should be whether or not its the final semester). There is only 3 more weeks until my final review and after that I will be sure to update with more reviews, outfits, tutorials, and recent favs.

Now, I HAVE been trying out new products in the mean time (I guess I can never stop shopping no matter how busy I get, obviously I can even shop online at home even if I ain't able to go out), and I will be sure to review those asap, and also some "rediscovered" products.

Coming up:
Urban Decay Naked2 palette (they don't even sell it in Hong Kong, but yes I finally got hold of one, I was so excited to receive the parcel today)
Rediscovered products that I feel are perfect for the recent weather
and hopefully some outfit posts!


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