Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: Burberry Light Glow Blush in Cameo

by Venus

I've never really been that into blushes, and yes obviously it is because I am lazy to include blushes into my everyday makeup. Usually, I would apply bronzer into my cheek areas just to contour my face a bit as well as adding a light wash of color. However lately because of all the intense work and late nights (as usual), after makeup, I do seem to look a little pale, and therefore an all new excuse to buy a new blush!

Just strolling along the cosmetic department in Sogo with Grace, I was most attracted to blushes from Burberry and Chanel. Now, I have never tried cosmetics from Burberry and really did not know what to expect, whereas I'm sure for Chanel, I would not turn out hating their products and leaving them unused.

The one from Burberry was $360 as i remembered, which was $20 cheaper than Chanel. However, I in the end decided to buy Burberry's not only because of its oh-so-pretty packaging, but also because, when I walked into the Chanel counter, all I did was ask for the price, not even a swatch or anything else, the Beauty Assistants simply did not look like they wanted to serve me at all. Of course that pissed me off, and totally put my mind off purchasing from Chanel.

I did enter the Burberry counter, tried out different shades on my face, the BA was VERY helpful. And, even after I said that I wanted to walk around others to take a look and decide, she was absolutely fine with it and didn't pull any face at me. Now THAT'S what I call customer service.

Okay so back to the product! It comes in this thick paper box (compared to the Dior and Armani and Chanel ones, the Burberry one is actually much thicker, so I believe even if I just chuck it in my bag, it wont wear out as fast as the ones from other brands I've already ruined, haha). And of course there was a dust cover thing, similar to the Dior and Chanel ones.

Both the dust cover and the case itself has the signature Burberry pattern on it. The case is in this beautiful reflective mirror material, but on the down side it does get a lot of fingerprints on it. It's secured by a magnet at the opening which is hidden inside the case so you cannot physically see it. I think this makes it so elegant. This blush comes with a angled brush. It is quite soft, but I just generally like to use a bigger brush to apply blushes, but the brush does become handy if you are the type of person who likes to touch up and reapply a touch of color on your cheeks while you're out.

As for the product itself, the color I chose is a very rosy pink color. Because I have a very yellow undertone, with relatively dark skin, this color actually compliments my skin the most and is also the most natural color for me to use as a blush. I know that some girls do like to have relatively brighter colors on their cheeks, but personally I prefer a natural wash of darker pink so that it looks like it's actually coming from my skin instead of a whole heap of pink colored blush on my face.

The texture of this powdered blush is very nice, because the powder is actually very fine. Since I do not have large pores or anything, I am absolutely fine with most powdered blushes unless they have extra large glitters. In this case, there isn't any visible glitter, which I prefer even more. I was previously also considering the Nars blushes because of how everyone compliments about it. But seriously when I see that many glitters on the product itself (I know it may become more flattering on skin, but it just isn't a personal favorite) I get kind of put off. Because, I tend to use a shimmery highlighter on my cheekbones when I actually am in the mood of doing that, but as a everyday blush, I would prefer a matte one.

This blush is actually not very pigmented when I try to swatch it on my hand, it took me around three shades to make it more visible. However, I have actually been using this for almost 2 weeks? I notice that it can become quite pigmented when you apply it with a brush on your cheeks. I would NOT say its VERY pigments, but because I generally like a lighter wash, the pigmentation is just perfect for what I like to do because I find it easier to control with a lighter pigmentation with blushes, since I can always build up the color if I wished to.

I have worn the blush throughout the day to school, I would say around 9 in the morning till possibly 7-8? but at around 4-5pm the color is noticeably lighter, but I find it still acceptable as it's not entirely gone. And since I'm not usually the person who takes their blush out to touch up, I kind of just live with it, and since there is still a light wash on my cheeks, it doesn't bother me that much.

Overall, I would say that if you were really looking for a high quality pigmented blush that stays on throughout the entire day, I wouldn't actually recommend this Burberry Light Glow, obviously for the price of it. I do believe that for the same price, there's definitely better quality blushes. But as a personal purchase, and simply my own thoughts, the product is absolutely fine for me, I love the packaging, the pigmentation is alright, the texture is fine, matte finish, so I think for me, I like it enough, but obviously I wouldn't say it's an absolutely amazing product that everyone must try, but if you prefer the same things as I do, this can be one of the choices to consider.

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased the Burberry Light Glow Blush with my own funds.


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