Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Origins Spot Remover

by Venus

It's been quite a while since I've reviewed a product, mainly because I really would like to try them for a longer time before I make any final comments about it.

I have been quite indecisive about commenting on this product after using it for only a week or two. Just before school started, yes wayyyyy back to early January, I suddenly had this HUGE pimple on the tip of my nose, and yes i really mean huge. (quite depressing as I rarely get huge pimples on my face, usually just some very little ones which I can get rid of within a few days). Therefore, I never really tried any products in removing pimple (I have tried the Body Shop tea tree oil, which I'm not absolutely satisfied about)

After two weeks already, my pimple was still not getting anywhere near disappearing, and it is the kind that I can not pop, or get anything out of the pimple in order to make it go away and heal. Therefore, I absolutely CANNOT stand it on my nose anymore and after CNY I went on to buy the Spot Remover from Origins, hoping it will help to make it go away.

However, I have tried this product on for a week I guess? All it gave me was a very thin layer on top of my pimple, which protected it from bacteria. It WAS NOT doing anything to get rid of my pimple. This TINY bottle of gel costed $130hkd and I was actually quite disappointed in spending that money on something totally useless (except for that thin coat, it does make it better in applying foundation over top if you have a spot that you previously "injured"? I guess that's how I should say it. Sometimes when you try removing pimples, a small hole in your skin is created on the pimple in order to get rid of all those dirty things inside, applying that gel covers the hole and makes it easier to apply foundation on top of you "injured spots")

Being quite disappointed about the product, I gave it a second try as I notice another pimple on my chin (oh yes the same type that cannot be popped, I have no idea what was wrong with me, maybe I was getting a little unhealthy). Surprisingly, after applying this gel on the new pimple, it did help cure significantly faster (only a couple days) until I could get rid of the pimple.

Now, as an overall comment on this product, I wouldn't actually say it works 100%. I guess it might depend on whether your pimple wants to react to it, HAHA. That being $130, I actually would not repurchase it even though it did work on me. Mainly because I do not get pimples often, and I simply do not believe in spending over $100 on acne removers. If I was a person with severe acne, I would rather spend the money on seeing a doctor instead. Therefore, I wouldn't say I am VERY disappointed after the fact that it did work on me, but it's definitely not something I would spend the money to buy again.


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